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As a business founded in Los Angeles County, California, BeachCity SEO extends its hands to the surrounding cities. Furthermore, we offer tailored Los Angeles SEO services to clients of all niches. For example, our clients range from Law Firms to SaaS companies and everything in between. However, if you are going to market in Los Angeles, it is best to appeal to a global audience.

Your client or customer is in Los Angles for various reasons. For instance, business in Los Angeles consists of tourists around the globe and true Angelenos. Ergo, you’re dealing with a melting pot of various cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, your marketing must appeal to a worldly view. Additionally, if you can deliver a positive online experience then it becomes easier converting traffic into customers . In a congested city where getting around is a struggle, people are going to be searching online for the best that Los Angeles has to offer.

In LA, business is extremely competitive. As a result, you’re either going to get by on location or referral. Thus, if you are not located on LaCienega or Sunset or known as Magic Johnson’s Auto Detailer, you’re going to need a solid marketing strategy. Otherwise, you can’t even compete. Either way, after 2020, it has become much more apparent that if you are a business, you need an online presence to communicate with customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Get more search traffic to your website  without relying exclusively on paid ads.


Content Optimization

Create relevant and aesthetically pleasing content to keep your audience engaged.

On Page Optimization

Organize content and descriptions of web pages to rank higher in the search engines.

SEO Consulting

Take an unknown website to the top of the rankings with the power of organic traffic.

Data Analysis

Discover strengths and weaknesses of entire websites or individual web pages.

SEO Strategy

Analyze key search phrases in a specific niche and build authority around them.

Strong Points

  • Our team is partnered with other experts in the digital marketing community to ensure quality assurance.
  • Nothing gets left to chance. Therefore, our decisions are based on analytic results from various SEO/SEM softwares.
  • We respect your time. As a result, you can book a time to check in when we have a calendar opening.
  • BeachCity SEO is a full-service digital marketing agency. Additionally, we offer marketing solutions beyond SEO.

Tailored Los Angeles SEO

In order to rank in Google, one must understand that the search engine is a constantly changing algorithm. This algorithm works as a filtration system which pushes quality websites to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Furthermore, in order to appeal to this algorithm, a webmaster must develop a quality website which brings value to the internet. In conclusion, this is what our service is geared towards.

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What To Expect

The initial consultation is where we discuss your business and long-term goals. If we’re a good fit, the following meeting will proceed with an SEO audit. Ultimately, this audit includes a(n):

> On-Page Analysis

> Competitor Analysis

> Keyword Analysis

> Backlink Analysis

> Strategy Session

Answers to Your Questions
What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Websites that are well optimized will have a high ranking in the search engines (Google, YouTube, Bing etc.) and a greater chance of attracting customers or viewers.

Why do people subscribe to SEO services?

The difference between SEO and traditional paid advertising is the quality of the customer. A paid advertisement targets a certain demographic whether they like it or not. SEO targets the rankings in the search results for a specific niche. This strategy gives a website exposure to pre-qualified customers who were already searching within that niche.

What is a Los Angeles SEO expert?

A Los Angeles SEO expert is someone who knows how to audit a website, find the adjustments which need to be made, and implement solutions that appeal to Google’s algorithm.

Is my website an asset or a liability?

It depends. The definition of an asset is something that is useful or valuable. Your website is an asset so long as it is well organized, optimized, relevant, user friendly, and has a decent ranking in the search engines which bring in traffic. If your website is only some or none of those things, then it could be considered a liability to your business.

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