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BeachCity SEO offers a variety of online advertising services that can improve your Chico Marketing strategy. Additionally, our goal is to solve your digital marketing and website issues so you can focus on running your business and making it more profitable. Furthermore, check out our services and determine how we can help your Chico Marketing campaign to reach its full potential. Lastly, when you are ready to move forward, contact us for a free consultation.


Get more search traffic to your website by showing up higher in Google.

Web Design

Create a user friendly online storefront for clients and customers.

Content Marketing

Decrease your bounce rate with attention grabbing content.

PPC - Pay Per Click

Build an audience and update them on progress and developments.

Why A Chico Marketing Strategy Is Worth Investing In

Chico is a small college town where the most competitive marketing is in food service and real estate. More specifically, bars, restaurants, real estate agents, and marketing property get the most traffic. As a result, these two fields are in a situation where they either have to market online, or eat the cost of overhead and rent prime locations.

Additionally, most businesses outside of food service and real estate will not have much online competition. For instance, even the most basic marketing plan can drive serious results. Therefore, businesses which invest in Chico marketing have an opportunity to dominate within their niche. For example, we are near the top off Google for Chico SEO, and it only took us a day to rank. This is good news for businesses which are not located in hot spots such as Downtown Chico.


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