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What Clients Have To Say

Law Office of Stephen A. Varga

BeachCity SEO designed, ranked, and built content for my website. Very happy with the results!

Algorithmic Futures

I knew close to nothing about SEO prior to working with Nick. He provided me with a very structured SEO plan with clear action items. Not only did this increase my traffic, but the more importantly it increased my user engagement and page time per visit to drive more business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does SEO take?

If you are a business that is starting a digital marketing campaign from scratch, the length of an SEO campaign can take anywhere from 6-18 months. Additionally, your ability to rank in Google depends on your competition and your budget.

Contrarily, if your business has a strong online presence (meaning you already rank for certain keywords), ranking for new keywords can happen within minutes of indexing an optimized page into Google Search Console.

Is a mobile friendly website important for SEO?

Since more than 50% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, you need to have a mobile friendly website in order to ensure good SEO. Additionally, mobile page speed is a key metric for ranking in Google.

Are videos important for SEO?

Vidoes help with a website’s SEO performance by decreasing the bounce rate. Furthermore, videos are hold the highest content value on the eyes of Google. This is due to user experience and engagement. Additionally, YouTube is the second largest search engine (Google being #1) and is owned by Google. Therefore, a relevant YouTube video can only do wonders for your On-Page SEO.

Is there a faster way to get digital traffic to my website?

While SEO does generate free organic search traffic, SEO campaigns can take rather long. For this reason, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook ads can offer faster marketing solutions.

What are meta descriptions?
The meta description (or meta tag) is a snippet used to describe the content of a page on a website. An optimized meta description will be anywhere from 120-155 characters. Meta descriptions are found underneath the URL and Title Tag of a website in a Google Search. Additionally, you can find a web page’s meta description by pasting their url into https://metatags.io/.

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Ways To Improve SEO & Generate More Online Traffic

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Our services are geared towards increasing the value of your website. We do this by helping you build a website that creates a strong first impression. A website with quality content, that is well organized, and properly optimized will significantly increase its ranking in Google and provide your business with the right exposure. The goals we set for ourselves include:

> Establishing brand authority

> Increasing digital traffic and revenue

> Creating a competitive advantage

> Improving the quality of your customers

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